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pinkp!ck 3-in-1 Bathing Soap Bars

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Our life becomes a beautiful virtuous cycle with [fish bathing], a soap tailored to your skin. Recharge your daily life with handmade soap that shines with craftsmanship that contains the love of nature!
In folk tales, the good meaning of carp soap points to good luck and happiness, such as filial piety and loyalty, fertility and happiness, reconciliation and longevity, harmony and health of the couple, and success.
Three options for 3 different skin types:

- The Grey Carp: made from bamboo charcoal powder and tea tree leaf oil, which is suitable for oily skin. Bamboo charcoal powder has an effect of adsorbing sebum and wastes in the skin without damaging the skin texture, leaving the skin clear and clean; while the tea tree leaf oil contains a large amount of terpineol, which has excellent antibacterial properties, so it quickly soothes irritated skin.

- The White Carp: made from goat's milk and honey. Goat milk contains less alpha S1-casein than milk, which is known to cause allergy to milk, so it is helpful for moisturizing and has less chance of causing allergies, so it is effective for sensitive skin. Honey , which is rich in minerals and minerals such as vitamin C, fructose, photosugar, and potassium, has a moisturizing effect, brightens the skin, and helps to alleviate problematic skin. This soap is an ideal choice for dry and sensitive skin or even baby skin.

- The Pink Carp: made from camellia seed oil and Centella asiatica extract. As for camellia seed oil , it is famous for its rich nutrition, which helps to soothe and moisturize the skin, making the skin moist and lively. Centella asiatica extract , well-known as tiger grass, is added to soothe sensitive skin caused by wearing a mask, as well as a gentle deep cleansing of makeup, fine dust, and wastes. This carp is also a solution for sensitive skin.

All of our products come with an eco-friendly packaging. We want to reduce the plastic waste to the environment. Plastic, which was once called a 'miracle material' because it does not decompose, was used a lot, but now it is difficult to completely exclude plastic, which is now a fatal threat to mankind . , Hang one in the bathroom and start saving the fish in the sea from now on!
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